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My privacy audit

My Privacy Audit is a free social media risk assessment website. I created the layout concept and its design.
The idea of the bird being in danger was born from the page's title - Privacy is dead and social media hold the smoking gun.

The page helps Twitter users stay safe online by running security reports on information they make public.


Ordys is an online ordering and website builder for takeaways and restaurants which I co-founded.
I did all the graphic design customizations there.

Software Developer Michal Pawlowski

Michal Pawlowski resume. The job was simple - keep the website as clean as possible as its main purpose is informational.
The website has a light colour scheme and the only bright element is the colour of titles and icons when hovered.
Apart form designing it I did the HTML and CSS.

website design mockup and branding

Claris is a branding project for a hairdresser studio. I created the logo, business card and mockup of the website.

Facebook images

Busy bee
Pracownia Rozwoju Inga Bielinska

Pracownia Rozwoju Inga Bielinska is a coaching business and my task was to reflect its main objective - help customers grow and achieve their goals.
The business' tagline is - from ideas to results.

London Hikers. Outdoors enthusiasts

London Hikers is a London-based group of outdoors enthusiasts, organising activities from hiking to mountaineering, biking, horse riding and paddling.
When creating the image my aim was to display some of the places they visited, things they organized and capture the great time people had.

I made as well their Facebook logo image.

Mirch Masala

Mirch Masala is an indian takeaway in Paisley, UK. I used Mirch Masala's leaflet for the font type and colour reference.

Ordys. Online ordering and website builder

Ordys' cover photo was created from three simple images showing different aspects of the online service.

Images & infographics

Maslow hierarchy of human needs
never stop learning
Benefits of running
Pracownia Rozwoju Inga Bielinska Mapa dla przedsiebiorcow
Mind is everything. Budda
results of olimpics London 2012